Wednesday, June 9, 2010

All New IPhone 4 is here

Good news for gadget freaks all new IPhone is all ready to take the world by storm.
It has a stunning 9.33mm thin body covered with aluminosilicate glass on the front and the back. This glass is harder and thus makes it less prone to scratches. Much care has been taken of the peripherals by using custom alloy so that even in worst scenarios it will be protected.
Here to mention is the display features of the phone are sharper then those of 3G which will give an amazing experience of surfing and watching videos with more sharpness called as Retina Display.
Video chat facility is available in this phone, though only for the latest version but it is amazing feature and once can use front or rear cam with just a simple tap called as FaceTime. Photos of high quality of 5mp can be taken with this phone and videos of HD quality can be viewed.
Gamers will have an experience of lifetime with the gyro feature combined with accelorometer offers 6 axis motion sensing.
iOS 4 which includes many new features will debut with this phone and will support multitasking.
So here it is waiting for its launch and get my hands on it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Versace to launch new luxury Phone

Versace in cooperation with ModeLabs groups will be launching the Versace unique handset, first of its kind luxury phone with full touch screen and multimedia features.

According to sources the mobile has a ceramic like finish in the front and uses an stainless steel engravings. At the back of the phone there is a layer of precious leather and to add the display is made of crystal thats scratch resistant and has great response, providing great control.

It is complemented by LG Electronics technology, mainly the interface which is very user friendly. Some of the features of the phone are it has 3G connectivity, email, media player, 5mp camera, dolby music with 30 hrs of stand by time.

Here is a view of the phone. For more features check here

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another IPhone Prototype found

Almost a month after an iPhone 4G prototype was found in a US bar, reports of discovering a second next-generation prototype of the gadget in Vietnam are making rounds.

The secret gadget, identified by technology experts as being similar to a version found recently in a Silicon Valley bar, was given to a mobile phone accessory dealer in Ho Chi Minh City.

However, it remains unclear how the device, which has a front facing camera and has the distinctive Apple markings, arrived in Vietnam or if it is actually an Apple product.

Some claimed it might be a fake Chinese model, reports the Telegraph.

And if the discovery is confirmed, it would mark a second serious breach in Apple's legendary wall of secrecy in as many months.

In March, a technology news blog, Gizmodo, published details of an "invaluable" 4G prototype after it bought it from a blogger who found it in the American bar.

It created a furore after details emerged last week that Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder, personally tried to stop its publication.

Lawyers for the 55-year-old multi-billionaire claimed publication of the new generation phone's secret features would be "immensely damaging" to the technology giant.

The website, which is owned by Gawker Media, was handed to the website by a 21 year-old blogger, Brian Hogan, who sold it for 5,000 dollars.

And now, a Silicon Valley police task force is investigating the website after the company, roughly valued at 242 billion pounds, claimed the prototype had been stolen.

The latest pictures and video of an iPhone 4G were published online by the Vietnamese Web site Taoviet last week after they were posted by the dealer, Tran Manh Hiep.

The phone in the photos, are almost identical to the one which was lost in March and published by Gizmodo, the New York-based website.

Apple is due to release the 4G iPhone in the summer.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Google To Add Tethering, Wifi Hotspot To Android 2.2 Froyo

Google added a new armery in their kitty outside of their Android building today (here’s Eclair, the last version), indicating the imminent arrival of the next version of the Android operating system, Android 2.2, AKA Froyo.

In addition to full Flash support and a whopper of a speed improvement, Froyo will have built in USB tethering so you can share your data connection with your laptop, something Apple and AT&T still haven’t managed to allow in the U.S. And even better: you can turn your Android phone into a portable wifi hotspot as well.

This is, of course, terrific news for Android users. I still believe Android phones, paired with Google Voice, are the closest thing to mobile nirvana to date. With tethering and wifi hotspot features, Apple and others have some serious catching up to do.

Expect Froyo to officially launch no later that the Google I/O event next week. And we’ll have Vic Gundotra, Google’s VP of Engineering, on stage for the launch.

So all Android users cross your fingers and hope that we have something we can never imagine and use it to the maximum.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sony Xperia X10 Review

Sony Ericcson has launched Xperia with unmatched features and Google OS making it more reachable in the market with this OS making it the most wanted phone in the mobile industry.

Features and Overview of Xperia X10:
- A elegant looking total touchscreen phone
- Sony Ericsson Timescape lets all your communication with a person come together in one place. - - Facebook, Twitter, emails, photos, text messages - all on your Xperia X10
- Mediascape: Share and access all your Videos,Music and Photos at one place through Mediascape.
- Download any application of your choice from Android Market
- Built in aGPS lets you find youe ways via Google Maps and Wisepilot
- HSPA Turbo 3G speed, Download large files at Broadband speed on your Xperia X10
- Xperia X10 recognises up to five faces in a photo and automatically stores them under your friends in your phone

Specifications of Xperia X10:
119.0 x 63.0 x 13.0 mm
135.0 Grams
65,536-colour TFT
Phone memory 1GB
SanDisk microSD up to 16GB, 8GB included
GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
Talktime upto 10hrs
Standby Time upto 415 hrs
Onscreen QWERTY keyboard
Camera - 8.1 Megapixel
Digital Zoom - up to 16x
Face recognition
Image stabiliser
Flash / light type - Photo light
Smile detection
Bluetooth stereo (A2DP)
Sony Ericsson Mediascape
3.5 mm audio jack
Wisepilot turn-by-turn navigation
Google Maps

Friday, May 7, 2010

Google launched Nexus with HTC

As anticipated, the Nexus One is the latest Google Android phone that has the interior designed by Google and the outside is designed by the HTC. According to the Google’s Mario Querioz, the Google nexus is a super phone where one can say that the web very well meets the cell phone. The paradigm of what mobile phones can do with Android. The handset will be first available for GSM carriers like T-Mobile, though a Verizon version will surely follow.

The HTC mobile is a 0.45 inches, and is lightweight approximately 4.58 ounces, the touchscreen however is not impressive compared to the Android models. You are sure to find the Google nexus filled with notable offerings in terms of features, which also includes the 1 GHz Snapdragon processor. Looking at the primary interface you will get a 3.7 inch AMOLED display with five home screens that are customizable. The HTC Nexus runs the Android 2.1 OS and also the WVGA display can also provide 3D graphics. The trackball navigates the menu, and also alerts when you have a message. It is good to know that HTC Nexus has an additional 3.5mm jack headset.

You will find some of the unique features in the HTC mobile. You will find a GPS along with Google maps, an accelerometer, and turn by turn navigation, a virtual keyboard, a compass, Wi-Fi, a light for adjusting the display so you can save the battery power, a 5-megapixel camera along with a Led flash, stereo Bluetooth, media gallery interface accessible to YouTube, Picasa, Facebook access.

The HTC Nexus is the one and first Android mobile phones that offer cancellation of noise, with two microphones, one on the back and the other on the bottom, which will adjust the volume relying on the noise created in your background. Google nexus offers "live wallpapers" that can use the 3D-display technology for displaying new backgrounds and an interesting feature is that you can engrave personalized message on the back of the phone.

The release of the HTC mobile has not turned out as anticipated. They hoped to see good figures of sales, but it turned ou to be just 20,000 units sale in the first week. Therefore the T-mobile has now cut the price to lure more customers. The improved price for the Google Nexus One was $379 along with the T-mobile data plan, now it has lowered the price to $279, which gives a saving of $100.