Friday, May 7, 2010

Google launched Nexus with HTC

As anticipated, the Nexus One is the latest Google Android phone that has the interior designed by Google and the outside is designed by the HTC. According to the Google’s Mario Querioz, the Google nexus is a super phone where one can say that the web very well meets the cell phone. The paradigm of what mobile phones can do with Android. The handset will be first available for GSM carriers like T-Mobile, though a Verizon version will surely follow.

The HTC mobile is a 0.45 inches, and is lightweight approximately 4.58 ounces, the touchscreen however is not impressive compared to the Android models. You are sure to find the Google nexus filled with notable offerings in terms of features, which also includes the 1 GHz Snapdragon processor. Looking at the primary interface you will get a 3.7 inch AMOLED display with five home screens that are customizable. The HTC Nexus runs the Android 2.1 OS and also the WVGA display can also provide 3D graphics. The trackball navigates the menu, and also alerts when you have a message. It is good to know that HTC Nexus has an additional 3.5mm jack headset.

You will find some of the unique features in the HTC mobile. You will find a GPS along with Google maps, an accelerometer, and turn by turn navigation, a virtual keyboard, a compass, Wi-Fi, a light for adjusting the display so you can save the battery power, a 5-megapixel camera along with a Led flash, stereo Bluetooth, media gallery interface accessible to YouTube, Picasa, Facebook access.

The HTC Nexus is the one and first Android mobile phones that offer cancellation of noise, with two microphones, one on the back and the other on the bottom, which will adjust the volume relying on the noise created in your background. Google nexus offers "live wallpapers" that can use the 3D-display technology for displaying new backgrounds and an interesting feature is that you can engrave personalized message on the back of the phone.

The release of the HTC mobile has not turned out as anticipated. They hoped to see good figures of sales, but it turned ou to be just 20,000 units sale in the first week. Therefore the T-mobile has now cut the price to lure more customers. The improved price for the Google Nexus One was $379 along with the T-mobile data plan, now it has lowered the price to $279, which gives a saving of $100.

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